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Finally did a proper comic about “strong female characters” Its good comics and cartoons are finally representing some diversity. But most cartoons are still with a male lead, and films mostly are the worst example of strong females etc. (Although sarcastic mean girls are a special love of mine provided they are at least sort of decently written)

ALSO please note I am using examples based on stuff I like, its hardly the end all be all of character examples. There is a ton of current and not current stuff I could have used. But an excuse to draw characters I like is aesthetic and preference. (also I really liked Pacific rim so theres that.)

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socratescloset said: Hi everyone! What are you absolute favorite resources for learning how to draw postures/clothing properly? I've been working on my drawing for a long time, but I'm always curious about what other people turn to for inspiration and practice. THANK YOU

Oh, I think this is a great idea. Let’s just make this post a big collection of tutorials and references!

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I could do this all day 

She will fit into your favorite moba game very good character garanteed

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Anonymous said: I'm a beginner comic book artist, and my art and writing style is heavily influenced by anime/manga. How much or what kind of fanservice is acceptable (if any)? As far I know I don't have to draw all my characters intentionally unattractive, also I avoid bikini armor for its impracticality (or show how impractical is it).

I mean, I’m not the boss of you. You don’t HAVE to do anything.   But with every choice you make you should be mindful of how it helps tell the story you’re trying to tell. And for me, really pervasive fanservice takes me out the story. Cause like, that character is clearly posing that way FOR me and for any narrative reason. They are doing what they are doing to be appealing to me the reader. And I find that very odd and super distracting.  

Also if drawing all of your character as “attractive” means there is little to no variance in your character design, you might want rethink that. Carbon copies are boring. 

but like I said, you don’t have to listen to me. Just make art, and be honest and genuine in your choices. 

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Anonymous said: Different anon about the Samus pose: It doesn't matter whether it's a single frame in an animation or not, that picture is from an official post from the developer talking about how they've "improved" the shooting pose. It is the developer saying "look at this, this is good", not a fan picking apart individual frames of animation to complain about them.

Also, this. 

Thank you. 

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Anonymous said: First off I love your blog so don't get me wrong, but I do want to just bring something up about that post about Samus in the new Smash Bros. That person took a single frame out of a very fast animation that appears only for a very small fraction of a second, and it's very common with 3D animation to break characters' models to better pose then for quick movement to make the motions for obvious. If you watch footage of other characters in SSB, you can see that they all get broken and distorted

(Same anon) Someone else commented on that post a while ago when it started going around and wrote several paragraphs about it, but I can’t remember their URL and can’t find it. They explained it a lot better than I can though and they linked to some game footage, as well as posting screenshots from other characters’ animations. Like I said I do like your blog and I am a feminist, but I’m a Nintendo fan too and don’t want them getting undeserved flak when there are others who actually deserve it

I do understand the basic principles of animation. Sometimes you break anatomy to achieve a certain feeling of motion. I’ve read the post you’re referring to, but let me share with a pretty logical take down of it.  The fact is the anatomy is not being broken in order to achieve the most dynamic action packed pose, but to show the most T&A. And Like the post I linked says, this is not an inbetween frame of animation. It’s a stationary pose.

Look, is this the most vile sexist thing ever?

Clearly not.

Is it worthy of comment and critique?


Sometimes even your favorites gotta take a little flack.

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when ppl defend the hypersexualization of female characters by acting like they r sentient real ppl who make their own choices instead of being written and drawn by gross men  

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I feel like this belongs here.(From

I feel like that too.
EDIT: Personally, I thought this comic was going to show a woman beating the shit out of someone with her massive tits. I am a little disappointed. 

Guys that’s Toni hinting to DRAW IT. DRAW THAT

Xox satya


I feel like this belongs here.


I feel like that too.


EDIT: Personally, I thought this comic was going to show a woman beating the shit out of someone with her massive tits. I am a little disappointed. 


EDIT: Guys that’s Toni hinting to DRAW IT. DRAW THAT Xox satya
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jesus-inc said: bless this blog

bless you, asbutt. bless you.

xx Satya

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Just dropping a reminder (on my birthday cuz my friends said it was ok >_>) that Escher Girls has a paypal donation button on it’s sidebar, if you like what I do and want to drop a little in the tip jar. :)

I forgot to add a link in case the button isn’t working for some people (which I’m told it sometimes doesn’t).

And thank you so much for people who donated.  I really really really appreciate it, and I hope you keep enjoying this site. :)

Oh guys! It’s eschergirls birthday!  If you haven’t yet you really need to check out this blog. It’s kind of like BDWTW but if it was run by a much better admin!

Happy BIrthday!  

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