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sparkygoat asked: I simply ran across your blog and couldn't help but note the interesting critiques you put forth. Hell, if you want to say you changed a persons mind you can mention me, Point is, you've put things in perspective in terms of "female objectivity in the media" My question is do you account for males hormones overriding logic? I mean i have a larger than average feminine aspect to my persona, and when my eyes lock on to a sexually stimulating part of the female, all logic usually goes to the dogs.

My favorite thing is when men perpetuate the idea that men are so mentally fragile that seeing boobs makes them lose their sanity. It really puts the male struggle in perspective.

Do me a favor- keep it in your pants and stay away from other people in case all logic goes to the dogs. If you feel your eyes locking, turn yourself in immediately to the nearest safehouse where someone will be waiting to chain you down in a padded room during your transformation. Don’t worry- they’ll have silver bullets on hand. 

xoxo satya~

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Keira Knightley talks about Pirates of the Caribbean and her boobs.

Movie magic! :)

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Anonymous asked: I love this blog, it's really hard for me seeing all this pornographic stuff, but the idea's great! I wish people would stop sexualizing women and men, guys get it a lot, too. Girls will tell them to take their shirts off, and a lot of them probably feel self conscious if they are less than perfect! The world needs more Peggy Carters, she's busty, but she doesn't stick 'em in other people's faces. Same with Captain America!

Thanks for the appreciation, but you’re missing so many points right now.

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Anonymous asked: Dead Blog is dead?

I’m so sorry, dear anon! I am currently SUPER BUSY with school and such, I’ve had a crazy semester and am due for an even busier one as I’m prepping for the MCAT. I’ll do my best to make sure these boobs aren’t dead.


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i dont understand how some artists can have such a good grasp on lighting and inking and all that jazz but completely fuck up basic figure structure


No she’s just not wearing a bra…(you can totally see her nippples) 

im very sorry to break this to you but her breasts are smack in the middle of her abdomen

Wow….I just don’t even know anymore.

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And another one. This one bothers me because sideboob and suspenders = bra?

Well, it says “Male Gamers Only”- maybe the men know something I don’t?


SUBMISSION: whenflowersfade

And another one. This one bothers me because sideboob and suspenders = bra?

Well, it says “Male Gamers Only”- maybe the men know something I don’t?


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To finish off weirdass vampire week, here’s a bunch of stuff featuring Licorice Dust, Tarot’s feisty polyamourous lesbian vampire cheerleader.

Those boob spiders are alive btw:

Do I even need to add anything?

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Anonymous asked: Just want to point out... a LOT of the examples of "Disney" non-female characters... are not actually Disney characters. I think you mean Shrek with Ogre, and thats Dreamworks. Monsters, fish, cars, bugs and rats are all Pixar movies- they're owned by Disney but are a separate team to the Disney animation team. But the point is still very valid- Disney can animate a buncha characters (Horse, unique MEN and a chameleon in Tangled alone!) yet... have Same Face across the women in numerous movies

Oops, Shrek slipping in there was my bad. And I wasn’t aware that there was a clear delineation between those departments- I actually thought that all of the Disney animated movies that weren’t traditionally animated were Pixar, but that’s my fault. Thanks so much for the info!


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